Seven deadly sins of dating

by  |  13-Sep-2019 03:42

If you ever find yourself completely turned off by your partner because of their physical traits, it won’t be long before you start to resent your partner for “letting themselves go” or to run into the arms of someone more appealing.Even if you both get fat or you both sit around in ratty old shirts and sweats, it pays to dress up every occasionally, or try to be more active again to keep that spark of attraction alive.

It’s great that you tune in to your friends, family, and quickly text your partner that you need them to pick up milk, but it’s not the way for you to communicate on a daily basis, especially not to your partner.

Sending a heart-shaped emoji is not the same thing as saying “I love you” in person.

Without the attraction that first brought you two together, you only end up drifting further and further apart.

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