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“Let’s see what there is.”I goggled a bit before snapping my mouth shut. “I could barely even see the girls on that page, you whizzed by so fast.”But Mace was still intently flipping through different kinks, blue eyes gleaming. And once I saw what he was looking at, I stopped too.

Because he was on a page for gay dudes, where guys kissed passionately before getting down.“Um,” I said, trying to joke. This is for gay guys.”My friend was silent behind me, his hand suddenly falling away.“Mace,” I drawled again. Seriously, any channel, but this is for dudes, not for us.”He turned away, the expression on his face tortured. When you’re presented with a specimen as fine as Mason Major, you acknowledge that the Lord has been kind.

” I asked, getting up and sitting next to him on the sofa. We’ve done some fucked up shit, that’s for sure, but this isn’t more fucked up than the time we tied up Shirley Magnussen back in college.” Oh yeah, Mason and I have done this before, we’ve shared women, we’ve brought girls to screaming orgasm again and again, begging us for more. ”Mason wouldn’t look at me again, merely staring at the ground.“The thing is,” he began slowly, “that you’ve always been with me Derek. “I want it maybe too much.”I cocked my head.“You got it! And this time, Mason fixed me with a hard look before taking a deep breath.“That’s the thing Derek,” he said again in a whisper, the words raspy in his chest. ”He shook his head, this time growling with repressed frustration and rage.“Naw, it’s not that,” he ground out. But at the last minute, Mason broke it off, giving her the boot for good.

The difference was that this time, Katie hadn’t exactly asked for it. Through the good and bad.”“Exactly,” I grunted impatiently. “I need you too much.”“What,” I demanded, still on a roll. The woman wasn’t happy, clearly, but a parting gift of fifty thou in cash cash had helped her leave quietly.“All through Priscilla,” he admitted hoarsely, still looking down at our hands.

But despite everything, my buddy’s always been off. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he’s got a bod to die for, women swooning when he enters the room.

Double dare dating

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