Wow intimidating shout glyph Sexchating room

by  |  21-May-2019 13:27

It is an Ao E fear effect shout ability which causes the target to become incapacitated for 8 seconds, although any damage will break the effect.

It also causes up to 5 additional enemies within 8 yards to flee in fear for 8 seconds.

Minor glyphs give convenient or cosmetic improvements, such as reducing a spell's cost or removing the need for a spell's reagent.

wow intimidating shout glyph-8

Double-time let's you charge twice in a row but after that you will struggle to maintain your uptime because of long cooldown of Charge so you should never pick up it or Warbringer from this tier.

Tier 2: Second Wind is the best option here because you don't have to pay attention to it and it gives you nice healing below 35% health without sacrificing rage or globals to heals.

Glyph of Fel Fire - All particle effects from armor and weapons are tinted fel green.

It annoys me so much that warlocks get green fire, only to have the visual appeal ruined by gear or enchants that have red particles.

Going to start this guide with basic info like stats, glyphs and talents and going to add more specific gameplay tips later. You should pick up the talents you are comfortable with, they should suit your own or teams gameplay.

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