Online dating no pay

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With that out of the way, you’ll be able to start seeing who’s in your area.

You can favorite people if you want to speak to them later or just really like them, and you can even browse other locations — perfect if you’re heading somewhere else for the weekend, or want to make some new friends before a big move.

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Sign-up is easy — you can either choose to enter your details in the old-fashioned way by filling in the form, or you can quickly sign-up with your Facebook account.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll want to set a profile picture, a display name, and make it clear whether you’re looking for love, a hookup, or just friends.

It’s easy to message people — just tap the messaging icon on their profile — and there are large, high-quality pictures too, so you have a good idea of who you’re meeting up with.

You can even location share for really easy meet-ups.

The first, Grindr XTRA, allows you to see up to 600 profiles in your area, view only people who are online now, strips out ads, and other upgrades for $20 a month.

Online dating no pay

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