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Overeating, drinking too much and neglecting your responsibilities will not help you become ready for a new relationship, although it is natural to do these things for a while.You will be ready to move on when you feel once again that you have a full and vital life that you want to share with someone, when your heart is open and you feel able to trust and love fully again.By planting the seed of possibility it won’t be such a shock when you introduce a new partner into their lives.

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Since the only thing you can really control is yourself, your absolute best chance of saving your marriage is by making the most of the only resource you have – yourself.

Figure out the man you want to be and then put in the work to become that man.

Before dating after divorce, build yourself up and do things that make you feel good about yourself: go to the gym, read some good books, become your own best friend.

Emotional wounds must be dealt with and given time to heal rather than be pushed aside.

There is one and only one thing that you can control: YOU! You can’t control your wife and you can’t force her to change. What’s the very first thing you MUST do to get your wife back? I know, it sounds backwards, but this mindset actually puts you in a win-win position.

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