Steve nash dating elizabeth hurley

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Listed at a generous 6'3" and without a dunk in an NBA game, he defies the standard profile for an all-star and all-pro point guard.Sure, there's John Stockton, but at least he has hands the size of snowshoes and comes from a basketball-oriented American family.

And his locker actually doesn't look that much worse than Michael Finley's next door.

"Let's just say on the spectrum between slob and neat freak, he's closer to the neat freak end than he's ever been in his life," says center Shawn Bradley. Well, if anyone knows that appearances can be deceiving, it's Nash.

It's been an hour since the Mavericks checked into their Memphis hotel, and already Steve Nash has made Room 1203 his own.

As in the bed unmade and clothes strewn on the floor.

Maybe the Mavs won't make it anywhere near the finals this season again. Stein: Bradley's tall order Shawn Bradley promises his ...

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