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Like Kennedy's novel, Sadie Jones's is set in the aftermath of World War II and features a young man damaged by an unloving father.

Jones's well-received debut was short-listed for the Orange Prize.

Inspired by classic Russian writers, it received wide attention as an ambitious debut that ultimately failed.

Reviewers noted that its 19th-century style and format were unsuitable for conveying the postmodern fragmentation suffered by its characters.

Predictably enough, given the rehearsal of arguments for and against the Orange Prize in recent years, debate about the women-only literary award intensified. Byatt told the (London) that it was sexist and that she forbade her publishers to submit her novels to the award for consideration.

Novelist Tim Lott argued that the award bolstered sales of women's novels in a market that already favoured female writers. The academic John Sutherland claimed that it ghettoized women's literature.

builds up to an account of a horrific encounter between the English O'Rourke family, a Nigerian teenager named Little Bee, and men with machetes on a beach in Nigeria.

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