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I’ve been on Several dates and when the check comes it always turns awkward for me. He wanted to do a phone call, I hate talking on the phone so I suggested a drink instead. Is it appropriate to suggest splitting it as soon as it is delivered? Not sure if the rules are different for 20 somethings vs 50 somethings. like a girl and girl couple looking for a third girl (can never have too many! i tried an account like that on okcupid, but the account got banned within a few days. If so, like him or not, I need to get out after one round as I’m financially strapped right now. is there a mainstream, non-dirty, non-fetishy online dating site/app for couples looking for someone?I've had opportunitiies in the past but also have froze up Background: I think i'm a decent looking guy, I work out, try to dress well, etc. Before going on the dating apps, I dated 2 guys I met IRL. I feel unwanted and now am at the point where if anyone shows interest in me, I'm like why? I met a guy right before I did and we went on one date. He's new to my area, so I figured he just needed friends or someone to show him around.

He asked me over for a booty call so I drove over and we ended up staying up playing until we were exhausted and he told me I could stay over instead of driving home tired, he cuddled me, would grab for me in bed and call me "baby" he asked about my friends and family and asked if he would ever meet my friends, then before I left in the morning he got me coffee and kept grabbing me for hugs and asked me to text him i got home safe... He texted me asking if I wanted to make this a weekly thing and I jokingly told him I might catch feelings eventually if it was weekly and he told me " lol dont fall for me I would break your heart, I always screw it up when the girl is super hot and sexy and kinky in bed" I have no idea how to feel or what to do in this situation Long story short.

I have been through some hard times that were outside of my control and I managed to overcome them.

I honestly feel so broken when it comes to my love life.

It’s just that I am very guarded against letting people in romantically. I saw a lot of posts that suggest therapy and that maybe a good place to start.

After having talked to her a bit I decided that I was going to ask her.

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