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Well, some sources cited that the relationship of the two women was more than friendship.

But until now, Rice has not talked about her sexual orientation, and without further substantial proof, her lesbian rumors remain to be a postulate.

With Professor Condoleezza Rice as one of his first guests, he would surely tip his own hand.

Would he, too, turn out to be a matrimaniac or would we see something a little less tired and worn?

The rumors got a raging pill when, following their appearance at Tim Hortons, Mac Kay commented that the then-U. Besides this, Condoleezza was romantically linked with other foreign politicians including former British foreign minister, Jack Straw, and former Italian foreign minister, Massimo D’Alema.

Apart from this, her rumored relationship with former wide receiver Gene Washington was a major subject in 2007 after Washington escort Rice for a dinner with Queen Elizabeth II.

Not only did he marry time and time again, but he peppered just about all of his guests with a barrage of questions about their marital status and aspirations - especially if they were single.

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