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Then instead of doing ionic build android, just run gulp build-android or something like that which fires off your task I think that @tomysmile has found the way to fix it at the moment, this is a Cordova bug and not Ionic specific: Cordova released a fix for this one month ago for the Android platform but for some reason the cordova-cli is still using an old version of the Android platform that hasn't the problem fixed.

So, the steps: $ ionic platform rm android $ ionic platform add android $ ionic platform update [email protected] You can see that by default cordova is adding as android platform version the 6.0.0 but the bug is fixed in the 6.1.0 (

Beyond shell tools, the big advantage of organizing by groups rather than directories is the impact on version control systems like subversion.

When you suddenly realize that your "Views" group is way too big, you can reorganize it without taking the huge impact of moving files around. In the old times that formed the contemporary coding culture, everybody, compilers and people, used to live all togheter in the filesystem.

Just update Cordova to the latest version and finally remove and add the platform.

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