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If convicted, he faces nearly 40 years in prison.■ Go to Kansas to hear excerpts of the jailhouse tapes and read more stories on the investigation by Judy L. Methodology The Star obtained recordings of Dan Porter’s phone calls through a Missouri Sunshine Law open-records request.

Independence police referred questions to the prosecutor.

Porter’s attorney, Tim Burdick, had no comment about any statements his client may have made over the phone.

“I planned my big jailhouse deal a month before I got arrested,” he said, “so I knew I was gonna go to jail. I want to know how he can sleep with himself at night. Most inmates, Porter noted, are “worried to death” about what’s going to happen to them.“I’m living better in here than I did part of the time growing up. In another call, Porter said that he ruled the roost in what he referred to as “the psycho module.”“The guards call me Al Pacino and the Godfather in here,” he said, “because of the way I run things. I can’t wait to get to prison and get started all over, because it’s gonna be like a new school.”And in another call, Porter noted that the case had been televised on “Inside Edition” and “America’s Most Wanted.” “They call me a movie star around here,” he said. One fight erupted, he said, after an inmate asked about Sam and Lindsey.“I had a new guy yesterday tell me, ‘Where’s your kids? “And I said, ‘Hey, you don’t be talking about me and my kids.’ And I bust my hand on the Plexiglas.”Porter said he ran into the inmate later and told him, “I’ll tell you what.

I just didn’t tell noooobody.”In another call, Porter complained about a Star article published last August that raised questions about some of his actions prior to taking the children. She didn’t have nothing to do with the kids.”Tina Porter said Friday that she was a good mother and loved her children.“I want him to take the stand and prove that I’m the unfit mother he thinks I am. We’ll be all right as long as you don’t talk about my kids.” Then, he said, the punches started flying.

”Indeed, Porter brought up the death penalty in several calls.“My lawyer mentioned, you know, that they may even try — nobody has proof that the kids are all right — they may even try to get you for murder,” he said in a call last year. How will that set over if maybe, say, they give me the death penalty and then two weeks after I’m dead, here comes the kids? ”In another conversation, he said, “Let’s say they give me 30 years to life and I get out after doing 25 years and then all of a sudden, wham! “So, it could be tomorrow, it could be 10 years.”But Porter admitted that, while he had confidence in his public defender, he wasn’t optimistic.“I heard he only lost one case, and that was 15 years ago,” Porter said. I’m not gonna walk scot-free.”The story until now…■ On June 5, 2004, Daniel Porter picked up his children, Sam and Lindsey, from the Independence home of his estranged wife, Tina Porter, for a weekend visit.

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