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I met Lana on a tour bus in Paris and we became instant pals.

In your twenties, it doesn’t take much more than matching Canadian flag patches on weathered backpacks to cement your status as travel besties. The more I talked to her, the more she reminded me of someone I knew.

I’ve tried, time and time again, to talk rigid clients out of unhelpful preferences. “Be open to what different people have to offer,” I’d tell them. Clients would Google their dates before meeting them and reject the match, saying they didn’t find them attractive. Clients would write sad or angry emails when they hadn’t had a date in a while, or if it took too long to send them their first match.

Thick hair doesn’t last and neither do washboard abs. “You might be surprised.” Here’s the thing: You can customize just about anything you want these days, but you can’t customize a partner to suit your exact specifications. Sometimes they’d tell me I was pushing them to settle, when I gently encouraged them to go on a second date with someone kind but short. Every good match felt overshadowed by tantrums from people who came into the experience with difficult standards and questionable expectations. Last year, at the practically geriatric (for women) dating age of 37, I fell hard for a sweet, smart and funny man over Twitter.

But no amount of hard work could help them find love.

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