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by  |  31-May-2019 14:26

Part of enjoying the beach, at least in California, is enjoying the sunshine.

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As we walk up to the edge of marriage, we draw close to something so much bigger than ourselves. It’s a vibrant picture of the love God has shown us in sending his Son for us, a love wider and deeper than the Pacific Ocean.

God designed love in marriage, like gallons and gallons of ocean, to show us how unsearchable love is for us. And because love within a covenant is so large, so intense, so captivating, he established a boundary, a shoreline.

What are we really after in dating (or in all of life)?

What are we trying to secure or enjoy in this relationship?

But if we’re able to answer that we’re after more of Jesus in dating and in marriage, the boundaries that once looked so stale, boring, and old-fashioned suddenly become our best friends in the fight.

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