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Sociological approaches regard mental health and illness as aspects of social circumstances.One type of sociological study examines the sorts of social conditions, such as negative life events, ongoing stressful circumstances, demanding social roles, levels of social support, and the strength of cultural systems of meaning, that affect levels of mental health and illness.Thus, typical approaches to the nature, causes, and cures of various states of mind emphasize individual traits, temperaments, and behaviors.

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refers to socially shared systems of beliefs, values, and meanings.

It encompasses, among many other factors, people's ethnic heritage, religious beliefs, and political principles and the tastes of their age peers.

The sociological study of mental health and illness is both distinct from and complementary to more individualistic psychological and biological approaches to these topics.

What would be an example of the difference between how a sociologist and a psychiatrist might view someone's mental health problems?

The more frequently such events occur and the more serious they are, the worse any person's mental health is likely to be.

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