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He looks stronger than almost any other player out there and he's only 25.

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I am still riding high and, as such, may ramble a bit on here. The folks behind culinary phenomenon Kogi BBQ are at it again. If you don't watch Argentine soccer regularly, it's possible that you don't know who Martin Palermo is.

This time they have food trucks operating in LA and NYC, allowing you to enjoy street food and watch the World Cup in HD with them! He scored Argentina's second goal against Greece yesterday and wrote another page in a story that's bound to be made a movie someday.

With all eyes on the World Cup these days, we got to talking.

No, not about the shape of the new, specially designed Adidas ball, but about the dudes themselves.

Do-able Member: We had to go all the way Down Under to dig up this one, but just look at Aussie Adam Scott. Cons: There’s just something prissy about a guy who wears all white.

World cup dating sport

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