Two nascar drivers dating

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She also said that Rodgers has probably gotten fewer traffic tickets than she has.

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“We referred to each other as Chicago and Green Bay,” Patrick says.

“It was very cute.” USA Today reports that Danica Patrick grew up rooting for the Chicago Bears.

By the time the Bonneville Salt Flats became the premier location for pursuit of land speed records, Daytona Beach had become synonymous with fast cars in 1936.

Drivers raced on a 4.1-mile (6.6 km) course, consisting of a 1.5–2.0-mile (2.4–3.2 km) stretch of beach as one straightaway, and a narrow blacktop beachfront highway, State Road A1A, as the other.

reports that the couple has traveled to Mexico, Africa, and India together. reports that she’s pretty complimentary about his skills behind the wheel.

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