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Hodaya, trying to lead a secular lifestyle, works in a pub and meets Assaf, another formerly religious man, with whom she loses her virginity.

She breaks with him after discovering that he began practicing again. Roi has turned ultra-orthodox and has an arranged marriage.

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Tired of Jerusalem, Yifat moves to a quiet settlement.

Amir begins visiting Yifat, and the two become close friends. The two come to blows, but eventually they reconcile. After meeting up with her niece, who was evicted from Gaza and who consequently lost her faith, Hodaya resolves to disaffiliate.

Though rejecting the notion of a woman chanting at first, he soon becomes enamored with her.

When he cannot control himself and kisses Reut, he immediately proposes marriage.

Amir and Yifat prepare to take their newborn son home.

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