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We guarantee that with our assistance you will be able to cancel any subscription to this kind of websites, protect your personal data and get your money back.

We have protected many people already, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can not cancel you subscription without a code.

They send this and then there is no where on the site to enter a code.

I will forward my experiences to the FBI to avoid those scammers from asking women for money. They'll tempt you in with reasonable price for the first month - then, wham! To cancel they insist on a Fax to Swiss Address - who has a fax machine these days??? When I tried to delete my account it was almost impossible to find where that was on their website and when I did it was ludicrous. After sending endless emails and a letter to remove my profile I still kept getting charged. Constantly "matches" me with people hundreds of miles away and in a completely different age ranges to me despite me regularly checking that I have set geographical and age parameters. The whole process has now left me worried and suspicious about how I will be able to cancel my membership, even if I were to proceed to try out the site. Issue 2 - the little feedback I have received (once! Not the worse out there but I prefer sites like that are a tad more 'underground' and have people who know the internet better and IMHO are just more interesting Quite like be2uk. Did have a small issue and had to call customer service, was disapointed that it wasnt UK based like the other site I use (We Just but thats a small complaint really.

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