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“I wish people would understand that we are in a VERY loving and healthy relationship.

I have been in toxic relationships before and ours is nothing but love, growth, and mutual respect.

I just wish people would be more open to them without creating a fetish out of having an interracial relationship.”“The most frustrating comments I’ve previously received are backhanded microaggressions on the Indian stereotype.

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It’s upsetting to tell my significant other the microaggressions said to me; people assume who he is before even meeting him,” said Sanchez, a Filipina-Mexican woman whose boyfriend was born and raised in India.

“He’s mentioned that he’s faced comments along the same lines, such as ‘I heard Latinas are crazy.’ I wish people knew that our relationship is not defined by where we are born or how we are raised individually.

People should understand that it’s about what we learn from each other through our experiences.

To be in an interracial relationship, it definitely takes an open mind.

I and my significant other are two very different people, raised in two very different countries.

Interracial dating white women

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