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One of them mentions school, which hasn't appeared in the game at all!I'll include all samples of Mary talking in this version at the end of this post, but here's transcriptions of the more important lines: There's one more thing that makes this build unique from later ones I publicly released: Mary uses restaurant cups as weapons!To make matters worse, that building out there is just a really flat imposter, not the real interior.

I voice acted unique lines that played any time Mary would land on the beam.

Though some are just random noises, two include some of Mary's longest voice lines as of then.

This very logo also appears in the movies, but only during its very brief, strange-looking intro.

However, the logo is constantly changing position/size, so it's hard to get a close look at it.

Mary's Magical Adventure has been in development for years, possibly dating back to 2010-2014, when it was just called "World of Kirbycraft", after the movie series I was making.

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