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Unfortunately, Kloepfer had no idea what she had gotten herself into — and how bad things would get.The first night the couple spent together ended with Bundy cooking her breakfast the following morning.

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While much of Bundy’s life has been explored in true crime novels, fictionalized films, and the Netflix documentary, Elizabeth Kloepfer first met Ted Bundy at the Sandpiper Tavern in Seattle.

It was October 1969: the peace and love era was coming to an end and Charles Manson’s followers had committed the Sharon Tate murders two months earlier.

It didn’t take long after news reports of a suspect named “Ted” who drove a Volkswagen were a daily occurrence that Kloepfer suspected her lover of being a murderous sociopath.

The disappearances, suspect descriptions, and a report claiming the man’s arm was in a cast were enough for her to alert the authorities.

His coiled-up rage showed its true face when Kloepfer confronted him about his stealing, which seemed to have become a habit.

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