Tired of dating duds dating and flirting games online

by  |  23-Jun-2019 05:31

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I’ve been on and off the dating apps for about four years now.

I heard about the first date, second date, third date… I thought: It went through my head before I could even say congrats to her. I’m just hoping one day she gets drunk enough and tells me the secret to online dating that most of my friends have figured out.

I absolutely love my friend and her man together and tried my best to be so happy for her, but part of me was just so sad. Even TV shows seem to tell us that dating apps work.

I’m completely exhausted of being alone on Saturday nights when my lovely, lovely friends are with their significant others.

I’m grateful and tired at the same time of my friends asking me questions about my dates, trying to set me up with one of their boyfriend’s friends, and especially the whisper in my ear saying, “I told everyone not to bring their boyfriends so you wouldn’t be alone.”I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason,” so with that mindset, I truly believe that all of these semi-unsuccessful dates have actually brought me closer to my Mr. It’s a journey and a process to find that special person, and with modern technology I have been very lucky to meet and go on to date some incredible people that I would have never, ever met before.

So, I recently joined a dating site that you actually have to pay for rather than just swiping left and right on people who are mainly just looking for sex while they're "in town" for business.

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