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case_code=1084885 Latest Administration updates: August 16th 2019 July 27th 2019 If you would like to vote at Creditor Meetings, you can fill out the Proof of Debt and Proxy Voting forms located here. If you don’t have credentials, you can contact RSM to receive them.

The Proxy and Proof of Debt forms are located on pages 42-26 of the PDF: Lendy’s loan book had a book value of £152m split between bridging (£36m) and development (£116m) loans.

Despite a development loan being asset secured, defaults are a major pain and costly to recover.

I have been investing through Lendy since June 2015.

Once development is completed, the value may have fallen or risen. Thirdly, if a development loan falls into arrears midway, going through the legal administration process can be completed.

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