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In 1671, the work was printed with a new title page and prefaced his work with a discussion on Greek Tragedy and Aristotle's Poetics.On the title page, Milton wrote that the piece was a "Dramatic Poem" instead of it being a drama.

This places Dalila in a different role from Milton's Eve.

Samson undergoes despair when he loses God's favour in the form of his strength.

Samson is "Blind among enemies, O worse than chains" (line 66).

Near the beginning of the play, Samson humbles himself before God by admitting that his power is not his own: "God, when he gave me strength, to show withal / How slight the gift was, hung it in my hair" (lines 58-9).

When the temple's destruction is reported, there is an emphasis on death and not peace: Manoah describes the event as "Sad, but thou know’st to Israelites not saddest / The desolation of a hostile city" (lines 1560-1) The final lines describe a catharsis that seems to take over at the end of the play: Tragedy, as it was anciently composed, hath been ever held the gravest, moralest, and most profitable of all other poems: therefore said by Aristotle to be of power by raising pity and fear, or terror, to purge the mind of those and such-like passions, that is to temper and reduce them to just measure with a kind of delight, stirred up by reading or seeing those passions well imitated.

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