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At the same time, like I said, I’m a real cock-tease, always in control. In fact, more serious about that than anything except fucking..

I like to tease, get a guy where I want him, but then I really like to be taken, dominated, used like a slut. I went to art school and have a little studio in my apartment where I paint and make collages. Anyway, there I was horny as hell and I had to do something about it and suddenly remember this new baker at the café. Anyway, the more I thought about this guy Peter, the hotter I got.

When he picks up the phone, I say, “Hey, Pete, it’s me, Annie.

I decided to change my clothes and put on my tightest jeans.

They were faded and had had a hole in the knee and one just below my back pocket. I put one of those white men’s cotton undershirts on with straps and my arms show. My nipples are poking through and it can barely contain my tits. “Hi, Annie,” he said glancing at my tits real quick then back at my eyes. I’m working on this painting and I’m really stuck.” I waved him in and walked in front of him so that he could see my ass, one of my best features.

See you soon.” He knew where I lived because he lived right down the street.

When we hung up, I went into my studio and looked at the painting I was working on and knew I’d come up with some question to ask him.

I usually wear tight faded jeans that really strain against my round ass or a short denim skirt that’s high on my thighs and really show off my long legs.

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