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Pampanga, a province of Central Luzon in the Philippines, was established along the banks ("pampang") of a great river that was to shape its history-the Rio Grande de la Pampanga.Travelers who passed the river's way brought home stories of a land with a majestic mountain jutting from its navel, a place of scenic wonders, boundless resources and magnificent townscapes, peopled by a proud brown race.2nd Event the Colorful NALA @ 7th at Arayat Multipurpose Hall AJ SERVICE PROVIDER: We are to serve you.

San Nicolas de Tolentino, the cookie’s inspiration, is an Augustinian who was gifted with the power of healing—through his blessed bread soaked in water.

He is depicted wearing a star-dotted habit, holding a cross or a palm in one hand, and a dish on the other, with a partridge bird perched on the rim.

6th Service at Class Reunion at Arayat Multipurpose Hall.

AJ SERVICE PROVIDER Offer: Food and Beverage Set-u P Design and other services Photo and Video Coverage Gown and Suits Make-up and Emcee For more information Just Call AJ AJ Flores Rivera at 09052958727.

The verbal and the visual thus finally converged in the book "Views from the Pampang & Other Scenes".

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