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Here are the main signs your child may be ready: Toilet training is much easier when children are aged two and upwards.Proper toilet training is virtually impossible for a child under 18 months because the sphincters (muscle outlets) of the bladder and bowel aren't yet under their control.

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By day two, she was going to the potty herself and now she tells me when she needs to go.

My first daughter was not as quick, so don’t worry if it takes longer. Your toddler can potter around the garden, or the parts of your home you don't mind getting dirty, without a nappy on.

Your child will get the hang of doing a wee or a poo in the toilet, but not before they've gone through the sometimes messy business of potty and/or toilet training.

You'll need to be patient, encouraging and keep plenty of cleaning products on stand by.

Preparing for potty training How long does potty training take?

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