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Using a Herpes dating site is a great option once you are diagnosed with Herpes. If both people have the HSV virus, it cannot be passed to the other person.

That is why it is SO IMPORTANT that you AND your partner get a HERPES TEST. From my own experience dating, paid sites offer confidentiality and people that are serious about dating. This site has taken what was horrible news for us both, to many happy days and many more to come. It uses a Web 2.0 interface and is quite easy to use once you get the hang of it.

6 months auto renewal VIP membership service with the price $99.99.**Prices are in U. Seeing how large this community is and how supportive might I add, really helps me put things into perspective.

I have a strong hope I’m going to find someone who will understand me on here, if not atleast a good friend to talk to.

Contributing means getting on the forums, being active and saying hello, sharing your experiences, and helping the newcomers.

Herpes dating sites australia

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