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Definition of credit segment as explained by SAP: ; where we can restrict relationship to one credit segment, which acts like a functionality of maintaining credit limit at customer hierarchy level in old credit management.

Above are the some of the main points which explains the difference between FIN-FSCM-CR and FI-AR-CR credit management, now we are going to cover the list of minimum configurations that is required to activate SAP credit management (note credit control area definition/assignment and sales doc /item catg credit activation is not covered here as it follows the existing process). Activation of SAP credit management- SPRO-BADI activation of SAP credit Management. Assignment of credit control area and credit segment: 4: Define “checking Rule”, very important config which holds the static, dynamic, maximum document value etc related checks: The list of credit checks that is required to be performed is set-up here for a checking rule: Note: The checks that we see in OVA8 is available in FSCM credit management as shown below in form of steps where the old credit management (right) is also shown as a comparison: You can select a step to see the detail set-up where you can fine tune the config: Example in step 030, dynamic credit check that is included in checking rule 04, has further settings of defining the credit horizon period in days: Likewise, we have to add other required steps against a checking rule that needs to be checked during credit check.

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This has all the checks and validations that is required to perform credit check: But in SAP credit management (FIN-FSCM-CR available in FSCM), this transaction has less settings, due to the fact the checks are now controlled thru different transaction in FSCM.

So, in general, SAP credit management transaction OVA8 will act as a control mechanism to activate/deactivate SAP credit management FIN-FSCM-CR, further the checks on the static, dynamic, max doc value etc are all going to be carried out at in different transaction at FSCM.

This risk category can be assigned to a credit account by using Transaction FD32. Transaction OVA8 Here, the individual credit checks for key fields - credit control area - risk category - credit group are set.

Take these key fields from the above settings and go to the detail screen.

This field corresponds to field "Active receivable" in Transaction VOV7. Transaction V/08, Pricing In the pricing procedure used for pricing, subtotal "A" must be entered in a line for determining the credit value (mark the pricing procedure and doubleclick on "Control"). This way the system is determined to use this subtotal for credit pricing.

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