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In a 1983 interview, Reed admitted that he often butted heads with Schwartz, stating, "We fought over the scripts. The producer, Sherwood Schwartz, had done Gilligan's Island... That would have been what The Brady Bunch would have been if I hadn't protested." but tried to remain positive despite his creative differences with Schwartz by reminding himself the series was primarily about the children.

Reed masked his dissatisfaction in front of the camera, always performing professionally without any indication of his unhappiness.

He won critical acclaim for his portrayal of Pat Caddison, a doctor who comes out as transgender, in a two-part episode of Medical Center in 1975.

Also that year he appeared in the TV-movie The Secret Night Caller, as a respectably married man with a compulsion to make obscene phone calls to women he barely knows.

His final line in that episode was "Now I can get my car in the garage." During the run of The Brady Bunch, Reed also had a recurring role as Lieutenant Adam Tobias on Mannix, from 1969 to 1975, After Reed's agents overbooked him for a film in England with Anglia Television, his cancellation led to the 1972 court case of Anglia Television Ltd v Reed.

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