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I’m doing this interview while I wait for my Fairchild 670 tube compressor to warm up for the day’s work. Decades of touring with Butthole Surfers pretty much burned me out on the whole lifestyle. WW: If don’t plan on playing or touring how do you hope to get Cocky Bitches music out there? Ultimately it will just flat-out have to be good and stand out, which is a very tall order.

And I am recording an album that was originally going to be a new Butthole Surfers album, but has turned out to be something else entirely. I do want Cocky Bitches to be a going concern into the future. Leary: I have been public for a couple of decades about my belief that the moon is a spaceship.

Paul Leary is an Austin icon primarily known as being one of the founding members (along with front man Gibby Haynes) and the crazed guitar player of the Butthole Surfers.

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Hook up bitches

Bitches are intrinsically cranky and dehydrated, and they can’t even hear the volume of their own voice. Refer to video below for self-proclaimed bitches who brunch, IRL! So you mean you’re just naturally glowing, in addition to being naturally confident, successful, and self-possessed? Other things ladies who lunch love: their dog, their new pixie cut, when the restaurant owner stops by their table to say hello, and a nice slab of turkey bacon.

Whereas ladies tend to have that boyfriend glow going on. Have a minute-long tête-à-tête with a bitch and you’ll immediately notice that, during brunch, bitches be tired. Because bitches aren’t going back to sleep after this without some food to first suppress their vomit.

As soon as they wake up, bitches be all like, “Ooooh, look at me! ” all post-drinking adrenalined-up, sweating maybe a little more than usual, eye twitching at an irksome rate, but all around in tip top shape! It must be noted, however, that the food in question is pulled pork hash, which instantly makes up for any lost points due to the whole food blog thing.

And that high carries over to the first half of brunch, oh yes siree! Well, actually, you literally won’t be able to forget it because those girls will be in line and they’ll shout it at the top of their lungs until they can’t shout no more (typically because their i Phone buzzed)! In fact, an aloofness when it comes to trends is a lady’s best quality.

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