Freddy and lisa marie dating

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"He would come tell me, 'If you're not gonna do it, Debbie said she'll do it.'" Jackson and Rowe married the same year his divorce from Presley was finalized.

They reportedly had two children together, Prince Jr.

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Did Jackson marry Presley to boost his star power and kick his album sales into overdrive?

A slump in Jackson's music career may not have been the only reason people believed this marriage was a farce.

Presley said she continued to travel "all over the world with him for years." Eventually, she decided she "had to push it away," Presley said.

"I wasn't moving forward with myself." Presley admitted that even after she left Jackson, she was still "very much" in love with him.

The so-called King of Pop shocked the world by marrying the King's daughter in a secret ceremony in the Dominican Republic in 1994.

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