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Besides the serial number, what other markings are on that gun (I need to figure out which of the many .32 models you have)? It has a 5-shot fluted cylinder with a 3, 3-1/2, 6, or 8 inch round barrel.

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In the pre-war years, the Brazilian government placed an order for 25,000 SW M1917s and designated them as the "M1937" with slight alterations to suite Brazilian military requirements.

M1917s then soldiered on in one form or another throughout the Korean War and into the Vietnam War to which the type gradually decreased in their available numbers, making them something of collector's items today.

Retail values: Excellent: $480-$900Very Good: $360-$420Good: $300-$330Fair: $230-$270Poor: $180I hope this helps.

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The exposed hammer spur was easily visible from the rear of the frame and the pistol grip padded with smooth wood for some limited comfort.

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