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“A lot of people I've spoken with say they found out in sobriety that they were actually looking for committed, loving relationships, but not everyone is,” she says.

“One thing a lot of women find out is that sex means pleasure for them.

It is not just to please their partners; it's also to please themselves."For Lisa Nixon, Price’s cofounder at Sacred Recovery, that means communicating a lot more during sex than she used to and even making more direct eye contact.

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Patricia O’Gorman, a psychologist practicing in Saranac Lake, New York.

“You may want to choose a mocktail, or just a sparkling water with lime,” she said.2.

On the hunt for true love, I slept with people I wasn’t even interested in and sat across from them even though I felt no chemistry.

Once I got sober, the substance that began to matter to me most was that of the personality of the person I chose to spend my time with, and just how much time I spent with them before I peaced out.

Claire Foster, 32, of Portland, Oregon, and editor-in-chief of Addiction Unscripted, says that after she stopped drinking, she started “deliberately getting into relationships instead of just waking up in them.”“I felt like I had agency in relationships,” she says.

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