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In this case you should ask your hoster to enable the function ‚fsockopen‘ (and rather switch to another hoster if he doesn’t).3.2 Installing wp-forecast The installation of wp-forecast is like installing any other Word Press plugin.

First unzip the archive to a local directory (using winzip, unzip or tar).

For the most recent information you can have a look at german reference page1.

Forecastfox not updating

Under ‚Plugins‘ you can activate the plugin by clicking ‚activate‘.3.3 Updating wp-forecast If you have already installed wp-forecast and now want to use a newer version, it is not necessary to deactivate the plugin.

Just copy the new files into your wp-forecast directory.

Locationname: Here you can enter an alternative locationname.

The names that come from accuweather are mostly in english and will be replaced by your alternative name.

Enter a search phrase (for instance London), and click on “Search location”.

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