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Major Geoffrey D Langlands, a Briton educationist, has finally retired at the age of 94 and handed over the charge to 58-years old Carey Schofield in 2012. For more details and reservation, please see their website (. Lowari Pass (Elevation 10,500 feet) connects Chitral with Dir.

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It was piloted by Capt Aamir Faiz son of Gen Faiz Ali Chishti.

The Fokker came to a stop in a wheat field when its nose and main landing gears broke after hitting the banks of a drain. PIA claimed damages from its Insurance company and the Insurance Company sold the plane to a company in Australia.

Lowari Top is closed by snow for all type of traffic from late November to late May every year.

In 1954, the Mehtar of Chitral was killed when his airplane crashed into Lowari Top.

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