Anything goes cams

by  |  06-Sep-2019 21:04

Years of close work with staff at the charity meant that the group were very comfortable around people, making filming up close with Gordon a realistic proposition.

Graham was familiar with the Vari Cam thanks to its many years of affiliation with natural history production.

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The shoot has seen the LT involved in a mix of both presenter-led and observational natural history work.

So, in the meantime, HERE’S a glimpse of a mule deer doe trotting by the trail cam with her two fawns (now sans spots) following.

“I used the original Vari Cams and they were bombproof,” he said.

“The images were just beautiful and they were tough, so when it came to the Vari Cam LT I expected nothing less from Panasonic.” “In these kinds of situations you want a camera that you can forget about to some extent in terms of constantly adjusting settings and so on,” he continued.

“The weight of the LT was nice on its own, but the lenses we settled on were pretty heavy so they made a noticeable difference.

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