Muslim dating agency uk

by  |  22-Nov-2019 20:27

‘I go through stages of nonstop dating, mostly to show my family that I am actively looking.‘Family members have this misconception that it is easy to find love on these Muslim dating sites because so and so has done it within the community.Although traditional dating websites like have been around for years, the trendier way to be exposed to potential suitors now lies in Minder and Muzmatch.

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She also says over the years she’s noticed certain habits that are off-putting, such as men who are babied by their mothers a lot.

If she doesn’t find someone to her taste, she says, she is content with her independence.

Ultimately though, marriage is always on the cards. Of course, because of the large number of Muslims around the world, 1.8 billion at that (almost a quarter of the world’s population), it’s difficult to say these are the definitive practices of followers.

There are many other ways Muslims approach love and romance, if at all.

That said, our messaging and rules are very clear that it’s not a hookup app and is for serious relationships and we have strict policies around offensive users and profiles.

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