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The lyrics and subjects may have been altered but that’s what I love about that self-titled album. MH: With this new record, you’ve said you reached a point where you had to stop recording because it wasn’t feeling right.

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In 2008, he began dating Jamie Hill, and after the two separated, he began a relationship with Mary Nolan.

Guys, you probably would agree: Hot women are hot, cool women are cool, but when you find a hot woman who’s cool, she’s one of the more memorable women you ever meet. She’s the lead singer of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. GP: I remember that because Breaking Benjamin was there and a couple of guys from Breaking Benjamin live in that area. MH: Well, hey, I was at the VH1 Storytellers taping and you talked about a lot of things, but one thing in particular really jumped out for obvious reasons: Sex.

The band is on its A-game, obviously, and you even get to hear some songs twice since they’re allowed to do different takes. So a guy should ask a female lead singer for a boob signing. Some fans defended it and some were really upset about it.

Meanwhile, this lead singer, a knockout blonde who is a mad combination of Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, and Janis Joplin (with a dose of Grace Slick for kicks), weaves these hilarious and heartfelt stories about how the band got to where they are. I’m sitting in my hotel room looking out the window at the Tower of Terror right now. You were opening for the Black Crowes, July of 2008. And I really want that discussion to continue because I think it’s fascinating that with a woman, that’s something that everyone notices.

Also about how responsive fans could be to a complete genre-bend.

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