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The boys had known each other since first year but there were very few, if any, moments where Arya felt out of place during their team meetings.

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To her great surprise, the somewhat pathetic looking boys that she was stuck with turned out to be competent, helpful, and generally hardworking - when they weren’t talking about warhammers.

Lommy had some attention issues but did well when he was given specific tasks to complete.

One, a skinny boy with straw-like blonde hair, was absent mindedly spinning a pencil in his hands.

Beside him sat a large boy who was eating a muffin while he scrolled through his phone.

Though the conversations often veered into very silly territories, Arya genuinely enjoyed these Thursday evenings, and she didn’t want the girls to think that she was intentionally blowing them off. Sure, Hot Pie was adorable in a teddy bear kind of way and Lommy might be cute if you were into boys who desperately tried to look as if they aren’t trying.

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