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The first problem is that Hakim claimed his own age to be 120. To bolster his story, Hakim claimed to remember the episode when Abdulmuttalib ibn Hashim vowed to sacrifice his son Abdullah to the god Hubal but was able to ransom him for 100 camels.He says this was about five years before Muhammad was born.

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When Muslim historians speak of “the Year of the Elephant,” they always mean the year when Muhammad was born, which fell between 15 February 571 and 3 February 572.

That Muhammad apparently arrived in Medina exactly on his birthday – 12 Rabi-Awwal which was also his death-date – suggests that his official birthday is a made-up date.

Rather than debate what the words “middle-aged” and “elderly” ought to mean, we will consult the early Muslim sources and calculate the age of each wife on the day she married Muhammad.

The Islamic year consists of twelve lunar cycles and hence it is 354 or 355 days long.

That is why his statement that she married Muhammad when she was 40 is usually accepted as true.

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