Dating gustav becker wall clock

by  |  15-Nov-2019 08:52

This lever allows the owner to "turn off" the chime, strike or both.

There are a couple of important factors which must be taken in consideration when determining value for insurance purpose.

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First, it is the value of the clock as a timepiece. While your clock comes form a good home it would be difficult to convince any insurer that it possesses any significant value purely on it's provenance.

Therefore the replacement value must be established based upon historical sales data for a similar clock made by Gustav Becker.

Between myself and my friends we have gathered thousands of pages of data and pictures of Lenzkirch clocks. You will find only the finest quality clock ever made on this web site.

If you want a cheap clock that does not run there is an unlimited number of auctions available.

Otherwise you will alter the position of hammers in relation to its chiming rods!

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