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Shilpa added: ‘Always make time for yourself before a date. ‘If possible, set up a separate email account for dating sites.‘Never reveal your address until you have met the person a few times and you are sure they can be trusted.Introducing your children to someone you’re seriously dating will be the next big step and one that Lianne advises shouldn’t be done on a whim.

‘Children deserve all the love, security, stability and respect you can provide.

‘Never forget your role as a parent takes precedence over anything else you may want to do.

As things settled into a routine though, she found herself thinking about dating again and turned to dating apps.

‘I had no idea what I was doing – I met my ex on a night out but I felt a bit too old for clubbing every weekend and, anyway, I have my daughter to think about.’ Feelings were mixed though, and Sarah said the one emotion that she felt the most was guilt.

‘Always meet on mutual ground such as a cafe or bar which you both know.

Single mothers and dating articles

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