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If you run it nothing happens when you click the buttons or enter text, but if you maximize or pull in the dialog, the controls behave exactly as you want them to in a proper user interface, staying put and resizing to fill the whole of the dialog. You insert the information the user has entered without bothering to check if it is correct.This means that you must do the checking elsewhere.

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Right now you will not focus so much on what is derived from where, but instead look at the simpler of the two controls first — The number of characters selected in the text.

If this value is set to be larger than the total number of characters in the text, it is reset by the control to be the total number of characters minus the value of control provides.

The purpose of this example is to give you a good grounding in manipulating properties and using events, not to create something that is incredibly useful.

How It Works The job of setting up the visual part of the form is now complete.

The Java programming language distinguishes between null and empty strings.

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