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If the relationship has not really developed yet, a friendship would be possible. However, this could imply that you may fall in love with him/her again after a period of time, so use with discretion. Say this if you want to keep the relationship, but need to slow down its progress a bit.

It is also good if you feel things are getting too intense for your liking.

It means that there’s nothing wrong with your Portuguese lover as a person, but that you need something different from a relationship. If the relationship was very intense, and you have sent many ‘i love u’ texts in Portuguese, this would not be a good breakup line.

Feelings need to calm down before you can be friends, if ever. No need to play with someone’s emotions by not letting them know how you feel.

Maybe not for the first date, but this is also a great choice if your lover has children - you’ll win his/her adoration for inviting them along!

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