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But, when he went to town on Perry`s 8 inch cock, I knew he had porn star potential. He starts off strong and silent until we start talking about women.This beefy Latin lover has an eye for the exotic and is a self-proclaimed ass man that likes nothing more than to bend over a nice piece of tail, and dominate doggy-style.Some hot and heavy fucking, and one very happy twink!

After I explained that it's very difficult for a straight guy to break into porn without some. Muscle meets muscle in this HOT and sweaty fuck scene, where sexy Devin gets pounded by the even bigger behemoth of a man, Spencer.

Come check out two smoking hot straight muscle jocks in the studio: Dirty Tony veteran, Devin Draz, and total virgin to any kind of man-play at all under any circumstances, period, Rico. This He-man clone is back, packing more muscle than ever before and is ready to use it all on Devin`s tight, straight hole.

He loves his big butt and seventeen inch pythons, I can`t wait to see what else Dexter will let me measure.

He has a huge dick and no problem popping a thick veiny hard-on as soon as I asked him.

You won`t want to miss this one of a kind man fuck when Rico get`s his cherry good and popped! Devin starts attacking Spencer`s huge 9 inch cock like it`s a protein bar, and gagging on his gigantic man meat.

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