1145 consolidate debt consolidating credit 1650

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I am a good candidate for this loan because I always pay on time and have good credit.I tried to get loan through dentist but it consisted of a much higher rate.Effective yield is equal to the borrower interest rate: (i) minus the servicing fee rate, (ii) minus estimated uncollected interest on charge-offs, (iii) plus estimated collected late fees.

1145 consolidate debt consolidating credit 1650-65

Actual performance may differ from estimated performance.

Credit and homeownership information was obtained from borrower's credit report and displayed without having been verified.

My financial situation: I am a good candidate for this loan because...

I'm reliable,honest and hard working and we will all make some money from this loan.

i can pay it off Monthly net income: $3200.00Monthly expenses: $2800.00Housing: $960.0Insurance: $120.00Car expenses: $260.00Utilities: $200.00Phone, cable, internet: $100.00Food, entertainment: $400.00Clothing, household expenses: $100.00Credit cards and other loans: $200.00Other expenses: $460.00 The following information pertains to the borrower loan being requested, that corresponds to the series of Notes to be issued upon the funding of the borrower loan, in the event the listing receives commitments to purchase Notes in an amount that equals or exceeds the minimum amount required for the loan to fund.

1145 consolidate debt consolidating credit 1650

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