Updating new inserted sheet in excel

by  |  09-Aug-2019 00:14

I couldn't reproduce the problem, so there had to be a setting on my client's computer that was causing the problem.

After exploring a few possibilities, I finally figured out that the problem was caused by an Auto Correct setting.

Usually, tables behave quite nicely, unless, of course, you try to add a Custom View to the workbook, or do something with a group of sheets that contain tables.

However, the settings are buried 5 clicks deep, so pack a lunch for the journey!

NOTE: There is lots of room on the Ribbon's Table Tools Design tab – maybe these settings could be added there, in a future version of Excel.

INDIRECT Worksheet Function How to install/use a macro can be found on my formula Creation of Shortcut keys spreadsheet and an Example from XL95.

Sometimes we need to insert Excel Spreadsheet in Word Document.

As a result, the new data didn't sort with the other items, and wasn't included in the drop down list, based on one of columns.

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