Zagat dating and dumping guide

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Instead of a restaurant, Marcia Gagliardi, creator of San Francisco’s Tablehopper newsletter, suggests: “a lesser-known wine bar, a café, or [you could] even get a piece of pie someplace that’s quick, where you can sit, engage a little, drop the bomb, and get out of there.” Don’t choose anywhere you’re a regular, she cautions.

After all, the more anonymity when exposing yourself in public the better.

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Unfortunately, you are likely to take the ill-advised step of making a fool of yourself. It’s not fair to you, and it’s not fair to the guy.

This is fruitless and will cost you major dignity points. These are extremely helpful, and I would recommend spending some time developing a few. Wait until you are free and clear emotionally before you get involved with someone new.

Dear Helena, I’d been dating this chick for a couple of months and it wasn’t working, so I took her out for tapas and broke the news. If so, what is the right way to do it in terms of setting, atmosphere, and timing?

She was pissed, telling me I “ruined” her favorite tapas place and she “couldn’t believe” I broke up with her in the middle of dinner. Now I look back on it, I feel I should have waited until we were done eating.

Restaurants deemed suitable for dumping in the Zagat Los Angeles Dating (and Dumping) Guide are ranked based on number of exits, proximity to transportation (so you can make a quick getaway), and how attractive the other patrons and staff are (so you can go on the prowl for a new lover).

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