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By contrast, the Nile River inundated its entire valley every year, bringing the rich black silt that made the valley one of the most fertile places on earth.

The principal of these were called Upper and Lower Thessaly, the former comprising the western and south-western part, which contains the higher course of the Peneius and all those of its tributaries that flow from the south - the Enipeus, the Apidanus, the Onochonus and the Pamisus; while the latter, which reaches eastward to the foot of Ossa and Pelion, is inundated in parts at certain Use inundate in a sentence inundate; [verb] to fill quickly beyond capacity with excessive amount of something, Their village will be inundated when the nearby Xayaburi dam is completed. There is an estimated county total of seasonally inundated grassland of 481 acres, the proportion which is grazed is unknown. Her office was inundated with requests for tickets. After the broadcast, we were inundated with requests for more information.

This means that if an agency stores its information electronically, it would no longer be able to inundate requesters with paper records.

🔊If you inundate my husband with questions, he will get very upset.

🔊When the volcano erupts, lava will inundate the town and force people out of their homes.

There are several ways you could interpret this information.

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